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Birmingham Promotional Products (BPP) is a one stop shop for all your printing & marketing needs. We supply high quality, value for money clothing, banners, flyers, mugs, pens, websites, graphic design and much more.
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Looking For Work Experience?

We are more than happy to take work experience placements providing you meet the high standards that we set.

We would prefer long term placements with people eager to learn more about the industry. Ideally we would use the work experience as long interview, we will train you in all the processes needed to work here and if a job becomes available you would have an advantage.

There is a lot to learn in the business so one or two week placements are not really ideal for us. We would still consider taking a short term placement a school or college but would have to charge a fee for doing so.

Please email your CV and a cover letter to telling us the times, days and length of time you'd like to volunteer for.




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